Having worked in various industries like hospitality, fashion and education, Dimple always felt something was missing between her passion and profession. Though having always delivered 100% in these areas, she still felt there was a void in satisfaction that she desired. Going by the saying ‘Better late than never’, Dimple developed the courage to pursue her passion in interiors and went on to attain a degree of the same. She finally found her calling in interior and furniture design.  Along with this she also possesses an in depth knowledge of Vaastu

Since childhood, Dimple had been fascinated by construction and renovation that would go on in her own house. A simple act of bricklaying by a worker intrigued her. It would bother Dimple, if an interior’s décor (whether her own or another’s) was not in order. Her brain would workout different permutations and combination designs, colour coordinates, styles etc. Such inborn characteristics fuel her passion for interior design today.

A home maker by nature, Dimple has devoted great care and effort in making her own home special, and helped out in doing interiors of friends and close ones. The need to cater to a larger consumer base motivated her to convert her hobby into a profession and enter the competitive area of design, which resulted in the birth of Qboid Design House..

She has a keen eye to choose the best quality in furnishings or furniture. She goes out of her comfort zone to source timber, upholstery, accessories and ‘karigars’ (skilled carpenters) to ensure that the finest quality is delivered.

A perfectionist at heart, Dimple spends hours ensuring that she produces the final product of the highest quality. She will sometimes get up in the middle of the night if an idea strikes her and put it on to the drawing board. Though very capable of up scaling her business, her commitment to seeing things to the end and providing personalised attention, is what makes Qboid Design House extremely unique as an interior and furniture design boutique.

Dimple Kohli
Creative Director